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Aug. 30th, 2011


Inky Improves!

Inky is feeling a bit better. She's still having diarrhea issues but the medication seems to be helping a bit. She's more energetic and responsive now, to the point of rubbing on people's legs for food, meowing when you talk to her and even playing for a few seconds at a time. She's not allowed much 'free range' time due to her little box issues, but she does get out and stretch a few times a day. She's even gained a few ounces, I think, as her tummy feels firmer. She's still extremely thin but much improved.


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Aug. 23rd, 2011


So I've found a useful pdf editor

This program is MUCH more user friendly than Acrobat (which, quite frankly, stinks). So far, I've successfully filled out archaeology site forms and edited reports from my associates. All much more easily and speedily than I'd ever be able to do with Acrobat. It has a lot of features I haven't yet had a chance to test but look really useful: the translation tools in particular look good, as they allow you to change document formats without messing up the formatting. If you're looking for a pdf editor, I'd suggest trying this one. It rocks.

Aug. 20th, 2011


New arrival

I've been rescuing some of the neighborhood cats for the last year or so. I haven't posted much about it here or anywhere else because life has been so very busy. But this latest kitty deserves some attention. I found her at the end of my driveway as I was on my way to the vet to pick up two of our other cats (Tigger and another new kitty named Grace). She was without a doubt the most skeletal cat I'd ever seen still living. She spent a bit over a week at the vet, while they searched for a cause. They finally settled on flea anemia. The poor thing still, after all this weighs a few ounces over 3 lbs. She's still having trouble gaining weight and has diarrhea so she's on 4 different kinds of medication and prescription food. It will probably take weeks (or months) for her system to normalize. When she's improved though, I'd like to find her a new home. Five cats is far too many for our small house, especially with Mr. Pees-on-shoes (Zephyr). So if you know of anyone who might be interested, please send them my way. I'll be posting periodic updates. Hopefully she'll be ready for a permanent home sooner rather than later.


May. 16th, 2011


Too much time

I've been struggling lately with feeling absolutely overwhelmed. Seems I go through this every few months. I think I can do much more than I really can. I overload myself with projects, chores, even dreams and goals. Too much. More than any one person could reasonably accomplish. And then I berate myself for not being able to follow through. Or even for not pursuing a goal assiduously enough. I was taught to strive for perfection. Talk about unrealistic goals. I've spent too much of my life striving for perfection. There's no end to that. No matter how much I do, how many things I accomplish, I'll always know I could have done better if I'd tried a little harder. I need to remind myself to strive for happiness instead.

Feb. 11th, 2011


The update that isn't.

Yes, I'm still here. I've been around, reading but not posting. Life has been super busy. I often think about writing a real post or two but get side tracked. Hopefully I'll find the time and space to get to one soon. The winter blahs are starting to wear off and the old brain is beginning to start processing again. Hopefully it will be back to (mostly) normal soon. Until then I'll keep dreaming about this year's garden and hoping to get something written.

May. 24th, 2010


Now that I'm done whining, here's the garden update.

These pics are a little over a week old. That's how far behind I am in posting things, but you'll get the general idea.

This is one of my favorite spots in the garden right now. I interplanted the strawberries with red onions, and I have to say this is my first success with companion planting. The red onions seem to help keep the critters away. The strawberries are huge and delicious. I've gotten over a pound so far this year. I've also been surrounding them with crushed egg shells, as that seems to help keep the slugs and snails at bay.

Cilantro with volunteer purslane. I planted the purslane last year with the intention of adding it to our salads. Unfortunately, we don't much care for the flavor, so we'll just be enjoying the flowers in the garden.

More volunteers! The marigold seeded itself from the ones my son planted last year. The cinnamon basil (lots of it!) is from last year too. I'm glad some of it came up because I forgot to start the seeds this year.

More cilantro and some lettuce.

Anise hyssop with baby plants everywhere. I had no idea this stuff would self seed so easily. I'm glad though! It is a lovely plant- smells great, pretty flowers and attracts lots of bees and butterflies.

Grapevine bed- interplanted with garlic along the bottom and various peppers in the blocks. You can also see part of my new watering system in the background. The blue barrel holds water from the washing machine which I then use to water plants. Hopefully it will cut our summer water bills down a bit!

Blackberries! I have 4 plants right now, with only a few berries on each. This is their first year though, so I'm hoping for enough to do something with next year. These will be fine for eating fresh though!

Nectarines! This is the first harvest for this tree too. We'll see how many last long enough to ripen. We started with about 50, now down by about half.

Yummy, yummy peas. Flowering like mad, and hopefully making lots of tasty stuff to add to our salads.

Honey crisp apple tree. This tree didn't fruit much. I have a red delicious for cross-pollination (which produced 0 apples) but I think the flowering times were a bit off this year.

The squash bed with new watering system.

Squash flower! I think this is one of the Eight Ball plants. I'm dreaming of steamed squash for dinner!
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Apr. 29th, 2010


Yummy, yummy tilapia

We've been trying to add more fish to our diet, so we bought some tilapia last week. Rather than do my default 'lemon pepper on fish' bake, I searched for some new recipes. I found this one on

I'm not a big mayonnaise fan, but this was really, really good and quite easy to prepare. We added steamed carrots and baked spaghetti squash for a healthy, carb-friendly dinner. Even Gwydion ate some!

Apr. 21st, 2010


Diet & stuff

Michael's low-carb diet via The Primal Blueprint has been going very well for him. He's steadily losing 1-1.5 pounds per week. So far he's lost just over 30 pounds since January. I think that's pretty amazing. Another 10 pounds or so and he'll be where he was when we met, almost 14 years ago. He says another 20 pounds will put him at his high school weight.

Just a few days ago, I decided to join him (again) on the low-carb thing. I must say that I miss my chocolate dreadfully, but I'm determined to drop 5 pounds so that I can wear my normal clothes again and be able to breathe while doing so. Always an admirable goal, eh? I do enjoy dessert quite a bit though, so I've been looking for yummy stuff.

Along that line, Gwydion has been playing an computer game in which you make recipes. And of course, he's always wanting to try them. So this week we've made guacamole and mango cream. Both low-carb,quick, easy and definitely tasty.

1 avocado
2 tablespoons salsa
lemon juice

Put it all together and mix it up. Michael and I had this on top of our patty melts.

Mango Cream
1 pint heavy whipping cream
2 ripe mangoes

Whip cream until stiff, refrigerate. Peel mangoes and blend until pureed. Gently fold into whipped cream and refrigerate until it is time to serve. Perfect for dessert or for adding to your morning coffee.Who knew real whipping cream was so much better than Cool Whip? No sugar added, so it is low-carb too! I'm certain it would be fantastic with any fruit. I'm thinking of trying strawberries next. I might even try to freeze it and see if it makes good ice cream.

Apr. 8th, 2010


Gardening Accomplished!

It has been a busy morning. The weather here has been absolute gorgeous, allowing me to really hit it hard. Yesterday I prepared the bed for the peas and got about half of it mulched. Today I finished the mulch (3 more carts full!), planted the peas and put up the trellis. We're rather thrifty anyway, but since Michael lost his job the trellis was cobbled together from bits of stuff we already had: old poles from our gazebo-thingie that collapsed a few years ago and bird netting I already had from last year.

I also got the cilantro planted and checked on the rest of the garden. The fruit trees look fantastic, though I'm a little worried that we may not get apples this year. One tree is already blooming and if the other doesn't start soon there won't be a chance for pollinization. We'll just have to wait and see. Pics of the trees below.
Honey Crisp apple tree

Red Delicious apple blossom

More pretty apple blossoms.

Nectarine blossoms. These were prettier a few days ago. They're beginning to die back in preparation for fruiting.

The green lettuce and spinach are looking good so far. The red didn't sprout at all, but the seeds were several years old. I'll just have to get more to replace it. It is almost time to start the second crop anyway. The onions I have planted among the strawberries look great (and so do the strawberries!). I planted some garlic under the grape vine last week and it is already sprouting. Very exciting! More pictures below, of course.

 red onions  
lettuce                                                                      red onions

strawberry blossom                                             baby grape leaves

tulip- these are under the Honey Crisp              My little garden helper

This isn't even half of what needs done, or what I want to do in the garden this year but it is a good start. I've got a rough draft of the garden plan on paper that I've been meaning to digitize. I'll try to put that up at some point, along with a list of plants/varieties. 

Jan. 9th, 2010



Weird, weird dreams last night. I wanted to see if I could record them, but I'm not even sure where to start. Hopefully the fact that I'm actually having dreams and remembering at least bits of them means that my brain is returning to normal. I might actually be able to use it again. hopefully someday soon.

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